Protect the

 of your investment.

 Protect the

 of your investment.

CD Advisory Group was established to help you realize your financial goals.
We can put you on the road to successful investing.
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Over 26 years in business and countless satisfied clients.

Your focus is our focus.

CD Advisory Group learns about your specific financial goals. Whether your focus is wealth accumulation, investment protection, or retirement income, we cater our advising to your focus.


Wealth accumulation is as dynamic as you are. We customize a plan to reach your financial goals. 
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Sometimes it not what you earn but it's what you keep that counts. We can protect against market volatility.
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Challenges and questions about retirement? We help ensure your best financial years are ahead.
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advising team that cares about you.

CD Advisory Group's experienced advising team works daily to manage your financial growth and asset protection. Our care for each client is unmatched and nourishes lifelong relationships.  
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There are many reasons to choose CD Advisory Group

With so many advisors to choose from, it can be difficult deciding who to trust. We strive to keep clients confident in CD Advisory Group. Some ways are: 

 we're  proud of.

Faith Answers is a radio show produced at CD Advisory Studios. Its purpose is to interact with radio listeners all over the Manatee county area and discuss topics related to the Christian faith.

Faith Answers

Retirement questions?
Get Retirement Answers.

Retirement Answers, featuring Margaret Hixon, Stuart Dickson, Phillip Dickson, and other informative guests, is a financial talk show designed for those who are nearing retirement or who are already retired. Stay in the know with Retirement Answers.
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