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You've grown it.
Now protect it.

If investment protection is what you seek, CD Advisory Group can deliver. We specialized at risk
averse investing. Keep scrolling to see one example
of how we protect clients against financial loss.

Wealth Protection
New House
College Funds for children & grandchildren

You've grown it.
Now protect it.

If investment protection is what you seek, CD Advisory Group can deliver. We specialized at risk
averse investing. Keep scrolling to see one example
of how we protect clients against financial loss.
  • Wealth Accumulation
  • Retirement
  • New House
  • College Funds for children & grandchildren

Sometimes the best way to learn is through an analogy.

Stairs are something we are all familiar with, and they are a helpful way to explain how CD Advisory Group can simultaneously grow and protect your investment. Our hybrid portfolios, geared toward protection, are analogous to a stairway that only goes up. 

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The chart above represents a four year conceptual overview of our Stair Step Protection Strategy. You will learn, through the example market changes (red line) above, how your investment (white line) never goes down. It only steps up.

Year One

As the red line represents, the market index did well in year one. This means you take a step up. Our Stair Step Protection Strategy enables you to not miss out on an upward trending market.

Year Two

The market continues its strong performance, as represented in year two. And again, another step up. If you had sought protection through CDs or a fixed account, you would've missed out on the market's upward growth. 

Year Three

The market has taken a turn for the worst. Instead of falling, your investment is locked in. For you, this period is analogous to the flat part of a stair step. You're standing safely, waiting to take another step up. No money is made, but none is lost.   

Year Four

After weathering the market storm in year three, things rebound in year four. You, again, take advantage of these gains without having to make up for any year three losses. Now you can apply the stair step analogy to the detailed chart below. 

Sound too good to be true? Look at the strategy in action.

Analogies can sometimes be misleading. Not here though. The benefits of our Stair Step Protection Strategy – benefits like taking advantage of positive market gains and avoiding agonizing market losses – are proven. In the real world chart below, which extends from 1998 to 2014, see how your investment would've fared through the .COM bubble and the Great Recession.
*This graph is based on actual credited rates for the period shown on the Index-5 product which is no longer available for sale.
Past performance is not an indication of future results. Please call a CD Advisory Group agent for new information regarding a Stair Step Protection Strategy..

Internet Boom

Growing with the Market Index
As the internet expanded in popularity, businesses worked hard to take advantage of what this new medium offered. Market growth was the natural response. Your initial investment grew with the market. The level of growth was different though.  Instead of being linked directly to the market, your investment is linked to a stability oriented formula, which allows for 100% protection incase the market begins to crash.

The .COM Crash

Safe and waiting for the next upswing
2000-2002 marked a substantial change in the S&P 500 Market Index. It dropped, according to the numbers above, by over $58 thousand. Fortunately, because your investment was not directly tied to the market, the money you gained avoided the market's correction. This means your investment has outperformed the market by $47 thousand. Performance and protection are the key benefits of the Stair Step Protection Strategy. 

A Sense of Security

The S&P 500 rises with the housing boom
Once the marked corrected, investors began pouring money into more "secure" channels. Mortgage lenders crafted new ways to allow a greater percentage of people the ability to purchase a home.  This incentivized investment and  growth. Those directly tied to the market index had to wait 5 years to recover their previous losses. You, instead, took another step up and enjoyed seeing your principle grow without the stress of recovering losses.

The Great Recession

Avoiding a retirement killer
The Great Recession left (and is still leaving) so many investors, and their portfolios, in shambles. Those tied to the market directly were forced to rethink everything, including retirement. The Stair Step Protection Strategy allowed you to completely avoid this retirement killer. Instead of having to either (1) accept a diminished lifestyle during retirement, or (2) change your retirement date entirely, you can peacefully maintain the retirement dreams worked so hard to achieve.

Only Up and Up

Peacefully outperforming the market 
The S&P 500 Market Index has recovered and grown beyond the peaks of the housing bubble. While other investors have ridden the financial and emotional waves of a severely volatile market, you have ridden a peaceful stairway up and up. Your retirement was always secure. Your sanity was always kept. Your portfolio only grew. The Stair Step Protection Strategy is one of CD Advisory Group's most powerful ways to protect the heart of your investment.

Refine, refine,
and refine

After your custom hybrid portfolio is working for you, we ensure you're always on track towards your goals and changing life needs. Protection is something CD Advisory Group takes pride in. Contact us today.